How to Make Dashcam Using Raspberry Pi

 Hey what's up guys !! this is Aamir Hussain and you are watching trick i know YouTube channel. In this video I will show you how to get started with Raspberry Pi 4 basically in this video I am explaining what the Raspberry Pi is and what cool projects you can do with it and which accessories you need to get started. so without wasting any time guys let's get into the video. 

Before I start I want to thank seeed studio to sponsor this video they sent me a Raspberry Pi 4 unit to make this video possible if you don't know let me introduce seesd studio is the online store on which you can buy single board computers and their accessories check out the video description for more info so guys now it's time to open this box so guys here is our Raspberry Pi 4 4gb unit with the Raspberry Pi 5 volt 3a us-based adapter here is a micro HDMI to HDMI cable and a tiny adapter to convert normal HDMI to micro HDMI so basically I ordered these items from seeed studio by the coupon code provided by them this is my order page you can see the clear price of each unit here moreover I have already our USB type-c cable some class 10 micro SD cards a card reader to install operating system on Raspberry Pi a regular computer monitor and a USB keyboard and mouse for interface so all these things you need to set up Raspberry Pi check out the video description for the item links now guys  jump over to the hardware specifications our Raspberry Pi 4 comes with 1.5 gigahertz Broadcom cortex A72 processor with 4gb lpddr4 ram and with the OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics processor which supports 4k @ 60 Hertz Wi-Fi is also in-build in this board @5 gigahertz and also we have Bluetooth 5.0 facility in the right side we have 4 USB ports including 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 Ethernet port while in the bottom side we have a USB type-c port for power 2 micro HDMI ports for dual display and 1 audio jack in the top of the pi we have 44 GPIO pins to do some awesome projects we have one micro SD card slot in the back of the PI to install operating system on it and we have two expansion slots to add additional items on PI like camera so these are the hardware specifications of our new Raspberry Pi 4 

now guys I'm going to show you how to set it up single board computers like Raspberry Pi runs on operating system installed on the microSD card so here is my class 10 micro SD card now I'm going to install operating system on it all you have to do just plug the micro SD card to your microSD card reader then plug it into any PC or a laptop nearby you here is my micro SD card it's a brand new micro SD card so it don't have any files now first thing you have to do open up the browser and download these 3 softwares and install it on your PC check the link in the video description then next search Raspberry Pi on your browser and then go to it's official raspberry PI's website here you can learn all about Raspberry Pi now here you have to go to the download section and here you can see there is an official Raspberry Pi operating system called RASPBIAN and  it's free to download there are also many third-party operating system for Raspberry Pi but as a beginner you can use the raspbian operating system just click to download it here you can see there are three versions of raspbian operating system I will recommend to download the raspbian Buster with desktop and recommended softwares just download the zip file to your desktop here I have downloaded my file now next thing you have to do you have to format your micro SD card so just open the micro SD card formatter and here you can see

 I have already inserted my micro SD card and it's already mentioned here now next click on format then click on OK now right-click on the raspbian zip file and go to 7-zip and click extract here it will extract the image file on the current folder so here is my raspbian image now next thing you have to do just open the etcher software then drag the image file to the software like this and here you can see our image is selected our micro SD card is selected now next you have to click on the flash so it will take few minutes to load operating system on the micro SD card depending on your PC speed so here my flashing is completed now you can close this software and eject your memory card now insert the microSD card to the microSD port of Raspberry Pi now the operating system is installed and it's ready to use now guys it's time to set up our PI all you have to do just plug the micro HDMI cable from the monitor plug the USB type-c cable from the power adapter and also plug your USB keyboard and mouse adapter so guys our setup is ready now

 I am going to power it up in the first boot it will take more time as a normal boot does after that the boot time will increase so here our Raspberry Pi PC is started and here is the welcome screen click Next select your keyboard select your language and you are good to go just like a normal desktop computer you can set your own login password I don't want to set it now now one thing you will notice your screen resolution is not fitting on the screen so in the welcome screen don't forget to check this box just tick this option the screen shows a black border around the desktop now hit the next button and finish this setup after the finish it will restart itself and in the next start the screen resolution will fit to the monitor now here you can see the black borders are gone and we are good to go so guys first of first

 I want to show you the real boot time of the Raspberry Pi 4 here we go so guys it took 12 seconds to boot up here our desktop is ready to use now guys there are lots of things you can do on raspbian operating system let me show you the quick overview as a normal desktop computer you can customize your desktop in the desktop preferences you can go and change the desktop wallpaper as you want here are some default wallpapers here we have a Start menu to access the programs there are many programs are pre-installed in this operating system so you can do your basic works we have chromium web browser it's a raspberry pi version Google Chrome you can search you can browse you can read websites on this web browser see how fast this web browser is working you can watch your favorite videos on YouTube let me play a video for you guys see how smooth the video is running without any issues now next we have a terminal from this terminal you can download and install many softwares from the Linux database now here we have a file manager to keep files here you can put your documents you can watch your downloaded stuffs and many more here

 we have a VLC media player to play media files on it and this is libre office it's an alternative of Microsoft Office here you can here you can make your projects presentation etc and you can save it as a Microsoft Word we have also some programming applications like bluej Python scratch etc which can help you to make your dream projects for entertainment purpose here we have a Minecraft it's a PI edition minecraft so you can play it in your free times so all these things you can do on the preinstalled apps of raspbian operating system but you can do more with the third-party operating systems you can install Kali Linux for hacking OSMC or Kodi to stream or watch Full HD videos on your Raspberry Pi you can make your Raspberry Pi a game console by installing retropie on it you can play thousands of old retro games from the old times you can make your PI a portable PC you can control thousands of sensors you can make your own smart mirror your own drone and your own robot you can also take care of your plants and you can make your home automation.

 Raspberry Pi 4 have dual display ports so you can use dual monitor also you can make it Pocket PC or even you can do this !! so guys that was my video on Raspberry Pi 4 hope you enjoyed it if you really enjoyed give this video a thumbs up and if you think this video is helpful please share this video with your friends and families you can buy all the raspberry pi 4  accessories from the link given in the video description check it out and if you have any questions regarding Raspberry Pi 4 leave a comment below and subscribe my channel with the bell icon for more videos updates like this thanks a lot for watching guys see you in my next video.