Everyone Need TO Learn Linus ft. Raspberry Pi

 Everyone needs to learn Linuxlike right now, like yesterday, especially if you're in it. I don't care if you're on the help deskor you're a network engineer or a system engineer or you're a programmeror you want to become a hacker, you need to know Linux. It's arequired skill. Now, it just is. It's become this expectationthat if you are in it at all, that you have some basic understandingof how the command line works and how Linux works and what [inaudible] turn to live. [inaudible] if you learn it now, you will berare. You'll have a rare skill, but if you wait too long,you'll get left behind. 

Trust me and the earlierthe better. I mean, get your kids to start learning Linux.I'm teaching my kids right now. In fact, they're going to help memake this video. Hold up. What is this Linux thing and why is itso important that you need to learn it and how in the world do you even learnLinux? Well, good news. In this video, we're going to take the first few stepsto help you learn just a little bit of Linux, which is really all you need. And then we'll talk about the steps topropel you to become a Linux master. With the help of mygood buddy Shawn powers, a Linux expert cover what certificationsyou need from the Linux plus to the red hat certified administrator. 

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 So yeah, it's cool. So stick around until the end or justjump to there real quick and be the first. I'll be the first to admit Linuxis scary, like really scary. Like when you look at Lenoxversus like windows or Macko Wes, it really is different toobecause you're on a black screen. Ty just typing all you see your words.Nothing gooey, nothing to click. It's kind of kind of unsettling. It'sreally different from what we're used to, which is why a lot ofpeople shy away from it. 

I absolutely want to assure everybodyLinux is not that big of a deal, but you know it's justan operating system. Everything from your smart phoneto your laptop, to your car, to your refrigerator, toyour toaster, to your toilet. The all at the arts smart, theyhave an operating system. Yes, your toilet might be running Linux. The operating system is just the managerof the hardware resources on your device. So for example, when you wantto play candy crush or Pokemon go, you've launched those apps. 

Thoseapps talk to the operating system, which in this case would be apple ios onthe iPhone and then the apple Ios will talk to the hardware and he kinda, he's got all the middleman and we needhim because he speaks the language of the hardware. So we have the operating systems weknow and love and use all the time. We have windows, we haveMacko, west, Ios, android. But where does Lenox come intoplay? Do you even use Linux? Probably not. Well probably not on purposecause you kind use Linux every day. If I were to ask you what you thought themost popular operating system ever was right now, you'd probablysay like windows, but you're on the most popularoperating system by far. Like it's, I even said I have a competition is Linux. You're watching me onLinux right now? Yes. 

Youtube is run on Linux servers. Netflix, if you just finished binge watchingstranger things like I did and Netflix is run on Linux. In fact, the top1 million websites in the world, 96% of them are run on Linux.So it's a pretty big deal. But why Linux? Why is it this bigdeal? Why is everyone using it? Well, there's one big reason it's free. It's free to use freedommess with an edit. It's a what we call open source. Soyou can go look at the code for Linux. 

You can change it and edit it the wayyou want to to make it great for your application. So Netflix will use a version of Linuxthat you will be totally foreign to us. You can change it and make it your own. That's why there are so manydifferent flavors of Linux. We'll cover that here in a bit.Okay, fine. Linux is a big deal, but why should we learn it? Why shouldyou as a regular Joe or regular Brittany? I don't know how they, I don'tknow the female version of that. Why should you as an it personlearn Linux? Two reasons only two. This is one is that it runs oneverything and I'm talking everything. We just covered that. But I mean really every smart devicein your home right now runs Linux.

 Your Tesla runs Linux. Do you havea Tesla? I want a Tesla android. The Eos on most of the phones in theworld is pretty much Linux and it, we're pushing a lot of ourinfrastructure to the cloud. So servers and everythingcan go into the cloud. Most of the servers in the cloudare Linux. Even Microsoft's cloud, Azure, you can run Linux theretoo. So it's, it's everywhere. And reason one leads us to reason tonumber two is that Linux is kind of scary and that's the reason you should learn.That doesn't make any sense. But it, I will, I'll explain most it engineers shyaway from it because it does have that initial barrier. It looks weird. It'snot the, it's not what we're used to. It's not what we learned inschool. In school, we have a mouse, we click things and we thingspop up and open and Linux, we're just sitting there atcommand line typing things. It doesn't feel right and that my friendsis a perfect recipe for a rare skill, a skill that you can demand lotsof money for. And I'll say this. If you know Linux and you know it well, you instantly have a ton ofstreet cred in the IT industry. That's kind of the thing with lemon. If you put Linux on yourresume for any it job, you're going to look like atotal stud. I mean really, and I mean if it makes me lookgood, look in the shirt, right? People still like kindof respect me. You know, if you see a guy sitting in a terminaltyping away, you're like, wow, that guy's amazing. Sean Powers told me how he got ajob as a windows database admin. 

He didn't have any experienceas a windows database Admin, but he knew Linux and they thought, well, this guy knows Lennox so he can easilypick up windows database administration. When I say that, it makes youemployable for other jobs. It's true. The last job I had before, it wasa full time trainer at CBT nuggets. I was a database manager for a collegethat used a Microsoft SQL for all of their stuff. And I got the job notbecause I had Microsoft sequel experience, but because I was an all around it guyand I had Linux experience and that made me look valuable so that I can helpmake decisions. That's the thought. If people think, if you knowLinux, you can know anything. You can learn anything kind of the, the,the thought that if you make it here, you can make it anywhere. That's whatLinux does for us in the IT industry. It gives you a ton of streetcredit. But again, it's scary.

 So how do we get past the scariness? How do we get past the thing that maybeI'm not smart enough to learn? Lennox. I'm not one of those weirdwizards or anything like that. You don't have to be when I assure youthat the slight learning curve to get into being comfort there willmake you the awesome version. Who's not afraid of command line. Um, it's worth it that that's why it's becauseof that learning curve is so steep. Just at first that everybody'safraid of it. And so, um, it to the point where a lot of peoplelike hate Linux, Linux is so stupid. Why would I use Linux? And it'sbecause they don't know, right? It's fear and I get that. But I assureyou, if I can use Linux on a daily basis, so can you, the barrier to learningLinux is not climbing this huge mountain. It's just a little boop bump in the road.That's all it is. Just a little bump. If you can get past that little bumpand start getting the command line and typing a few things, it'llbe smooth sailing. Seriously.It'll be a smooth ride. I know you don't believe me. So we'regoing to do it right now. Let's do it. And my kids are going to helpme. We were on a mission. We went to micro center to pick up araspberry pie floor. So we did that. So yeah, go ahead andwatch that. Go. Alright. On our way to micro center to pickup some pie, you guys want some pie? We're on a mission to learn some Linuxand we're gonna get some raspberry pies where you can learn anything init. You gotta drink some coffee. It's just the rules. Okay. Yes it is. 

I am. Can you go try? I, I like it. Welcome to the micro center.We've got a pod baby. Eat it with eat it. The best way to learn anything is to getyour hands on it as soon as you can and start playing with it right away. Andthat's why I love Linux because it's free. So you can just go get it rightnow. But then where do you put it? That could be a challenge. Well, one of the ways I recommend is goingto pick up one of these bad boys. This is a raspberry Pi, oneof the smallest computersyou can buy. The new one, the raspberry Pi four just came out.It's about the size of a credit card, but you can run some things onthis. Um, you can play Minecraft, you can learn Linux, youcan learn python, you can, you can do all kinds of stuff on this. And the beauty of it is it's only $35you throw Linux on this and you can just start learning Lennox ona little bit of computer. Now you don't have to get this.You can learn Linux another way, like free right now at this verymoment. Let me show you a few options, so apart from getting a raspberry pie,which is my favorite way to learn Linux, I do have my top two ways andit's always free, always free. The first is where we're at rightnow. We're in a cloud infrastructure. We're in Microsoft Azure, whichmight sound like a weird thing, go to Microsoft to learn Linux, but they have partnered togetherand it's amazing. In fact, both of my options includeMicrosoft oddly enough, so you can go sign up for a free MicrosoftAzure account and deploy a Ubuntu server and play around with it asmuch as you want it your server. Plus you get to learn a little bit aboutthe cloud, which is also a very cool. My second favorite wayis also with Microsoft, but it's with windows 10 no, it is not a dual boot where you have toshut down your computer and reboot into Lennox. No, no, no. Lennox runs onwindows 10 it's crazy. Check this out. Oh, I love technology. So checkit out. This is crazy. 

If you are running windows 10Microsoft partnered with canonical, the company that runs Ubuntu and all that, and you can install Linuxon windows 10 and it works. So there's only two steps. You reallyneed to do a performance first. You'll take this command right here, copy its launch powershell as anadmin and then paste it in there. This will enable your windows 10 machineto run Linux and then after this you go to the app store. It's thatsimple. Search for a store, go to the windows 10 appstore or windows app store. Literally searched for Linux and you get this. Well it makeson windows. Yeah, totally. And look at the options. Oh mygosh. So many flavors of Linux. You're going to get tiredof it. Cali Linux would, you can actually hack things with,that's a hacking offensive security tool. I mean just look at all these unreal. So what I want to do rightnow is installed you beento 18 and just like that it's installing [inaudible] and that was it. And I'm just goingto launch it and wants me to launch. Of course I want to launch and now Ican just create a username and password. So network chuck, thisis Linux. I'm in there. I'm running Lennox on windows 10oh my gosh. Can you believe this? This is crazy. So I took my daughterChloe, she's eight years old by the way. I took her through the steps to installLennox on a raspberry pi two together. We're going to learn something calledLinux and you're going to enter someone next command. You're going toshow people that learning Lennox. Isn't that scary? And you're goingto do it for me. Okay, don't drop it. There you go. Now we're installing raspy and a flavorof Linux on our raspberry Pi and we'll wait for it to finish and then alsoinstall a web server and get it up and running. It's, yeah, this is,this is Linux command line. Okay. You're installing a web server,Chloe. That was her baby steps. That was the bump and I want totake you through that as well. So whatever you can get your hands on,you can go and download Ubuntu right now. You can get it the on your windows10 machine, like super easy. It takes five minutes. You can gobuy a raspberry Pi. So your kids in, you can play with it. Get Linuxto is like the most friendly one. And let's build a web server realquick. Let's do it. Okay, here we go. Scary Linux. Let's do this. Okay, so the first thing we're going to dois we're going to update everything. So we'll enter the command pseudo.

Now this command, pseudo is weird. Pseudo is like saying I amin charge, I am the admin. And when I say after this should happen, you're giving yourself permissionon windows. You do the same thing. You just say run as administratorhere. You say pseudo. My daughter got a real big kick out ofthat and we'll enter the command apt dash get update, it'll askyou for your password. And now all you're doing isupdating something right now, but you look like a total boss toeveryone else right now. Right? Okay. That took about a minute and not toobad. Now time to install a web server, we're going to installthe Apache web server, a very popular Linux-based web server. So we'll again enter your pseudo andthen apt this time we'll do install and then we'll just say Apachetwo. What are we doing here? What we're giving ourselvespermission pseudo. And then we're installing Apache too.And once we hit enter, that's it. Okay. It'll say, do you want toinstall this? I'm a heck yeah, I do hit y and then enter. Okay. And that's it. The web server isinstalled. It's almost ready to go. If you're running a raspberry Piand you ran those same commands, it's already done, uh,on Ubuntu anywhere else. You might have to actually start theservice. So I'll just enter the command. 

Pseudo once again, service Apache to start and this willstart our web server and that's it. That's it. That's it. Now you just created a websiteto see that website in action. If you're on a windows 10 machine oryou're on the raspberry Pi right now, just go to a browserand type in local hosts and there it is. You'reaccessing the website right now. Now it's not the prettiest of websites,it's just the Ubuntu default page. What do you want to change it? Whilewe can do that, it says right here, you should replace this file as thisfile right here. The index, the html. This is where that files located. And we can go in there andedit the way this page looks. I have my daughter do thesame thing, so let's do it. So we're going to jump into thatdirectory. So jump into that directory. We'll do CV change directory and we'llgo into the directory of Var and go into w a CML. That's where we wantto be. We're there. That was it. We changed directories as likechanging a directory in, in, in a windows file explorer

.Now we'll see what's in there. We'll do the command ls to list. Hey, there's that file index dot html crazyright now what we want to do is remove that and create a new one. So I want to enter the command againpseudo to give myself a master genie permission here. The command RM, which is just remove index dot html. That's going to remove that file done. So if I do ls again to listnothing there, I removed. Now we're going to recreate thatfile and do what we want with it. So I'll do again pseudo this timeI'll use a program called Nano Nano. My toddler loved that to createa new file and edit this file. So I'll do pseudo nano index dot html. So what I'm doing now is I'm creatingthat file and then I'm jumping into it to edit and I'm there and this is where wecan put the html for our website. Now this will not be a course on html, but if you want to throw somethingin there just real quick, you can go to Google likeI'm about to do right now. If I can type it right, just type in the certainbasic html website and justclick on the one that says html editors w threeschool at places. Great. Look on that and I'm rightdown here. Just take this, copy that and paste that in there. I'm going to change what it saysreal quick and then that's it, so I'll do control x to get out of thereand I'll say, do you want to save this? I'll see y for yes hadentered a confirmed. You're going to name thisindex dot html and that was it. If we do ls, we can see that wedid add that file. It's in there. Now let's go see what it looks like.If we go back to our page though, said local host and Irefresh this, look at that. It's our website we createdand my daughter just didthe same exact thing on the raspberry Pi.

 There it is.See you installed a patty to woo dad [inaudible]. Now, if you just wentthrough that with me, you know Linux now you don't knoweverything about Lennox. No one dies, but you did something, a Linux, youcreated a website, you install a package, which is a web server, and you, youcreated a website. It's amazing. I'm hoping that that was the bump for you. Just get over that little bump andnow you can just speed forward. So now where to next? How doyou, if you fall in love with us, which I hope you did, I hope that'swhat I can give you out of this. How do you learn more Linux? How do you turn this into acareer or how do you augment your, your current skill set,which you definitely should. I talk with Sean Powers and SeanPowers is an amazing Linux engineer. He's also an instructor and he teaches,he's been teaching Linux for ever now. What I love about his story is thatSean has been in it for a while, but he got in a car wreck, losthis memory for God, everything. Like he forgot everything heknew about it, which is insane.

 So we had to relearn a career and hedecided to relearn with Lennox because it was free. He couldn'tafford anything else. He's had to learn Linux becauseit was free. Anyways, I asked him, what are the next steps? How can webecome just amazing Linux engineers? Now this is where I'm challengingmyself and I hope you join me on this challenge. I need to learnmore Linux. I can dabble, but I don't know enough, not enoughto be like where I want to be. So I am committing right now to gettingthe first step and that's gaining and earning the comp, t l and xplus a certification. Theyjust renewed the thing. It's amazing. And you shouldbe a Linux admin after that. So I'm going to get that. So if you'rewondering, okay, I want to learn Linux, um, I loved what we just did.I want to take the next steps, start learning Linux. Plus I'vegot books and training below that. I'm going to go through, I'm, Seanhas a great course on CBT nuggets. I'll link that below as well, butI'm going to get it. I'm getting it. Please hold me accountableand let me know. 

If you're interestedin Linux at all below, let me know if you're going to go for it. I think it'd be so fun for us togo through it together. If you, if you can get through the qualifications, the exam qualifications for eitherAltaic or Linux, plus you're going to, you're really going to know Linux. You're going to be confident to helppeople solve problems with Linux. You're not just going to put on yourresume. I know some Linux, you're, you're going to be aconfident user of Linux. You're going to install it on multiplethings, um, and you're going to then, then at that point thatbuild it up enough. Oh yeah. So I'm on the edge of my seat. Then you should look at some Dev ops stuffbecause Dev op, the world of Dev ops, um, is, is so awesome and you can, I mean, you can control the world with Dev opsand every single Dev ops tool is going to rely on Linux in some regard.

 Everything is going to rely on it becauseit's free, it's efficient, it's fast, it's available, it's everywhere. Soall of those fancy new Dev ops tools, even if they're notdesigned to work for Linux, they're going to be using Linux likeyou learned with Azure. And, uh, I think I'll be making some contentabout Linux now. Linux is huge because, well, we already coveredwhy you should learn Linux, but specifically to my networkengineers out there, uh, and system admin is really, really everyone in it times are changingto where we're looking at more dev ops, c types of things like where you haveto automate things and Linux is at the forefront of this endeavor, this move, if you want to learn networkautomation and network programmability, you gotta know Linux. 

If you wantto get further with Microsoft and, and started getting involvedin the cloud, uh, Azure, AWS, you need to learn Lennox. I mean,shoot, I just ran Linux on windows. It doesn't like tell you somethingabout you need to learn Linux. I don't know what will so learn itnow because it's only gonna help you. It's only going to helpyou and teach your kids, get them a raspberry pie is $35and get them to start using it. Get them familiar with it. That's whatI'm doing. Okay, secret contest time. Follow these instructions here. Post inthe comments below the secret phrase, verse 10 to do so we'll win.David Bohm was at Lennox course. Go do it. Go. All right guys, that's aboutit. Let me know what you think below. Are you going to start learning Linuxor do you already know Linux and let us know how you learn Linux. 

I encourageyou to go check out Sean Powers. He is one of the best teachers I'veever seen on Linux and his course is amazing. I've seen a little bit of italready. It's gotten built in labs. Oh my gosh, and I'm going to go throughit, so check out that link below. I'll also list some books and otherresources for the Lennox plus Ba. You get any of thesemust video, any takeaway. They'll go learn some Linux and justgo try it out. It's free. It's free. Also, if you want tohelp me make more videos, I do have a membership programas part of Youtube now. There should be a join below or thebutton below if you're watching on a computer. Yeah, join me. I'll have exclusive live streams forpeople who are part of my program and I'll be adding some more things really,really soon. Well, that's about it. I'll catch you guys later. [inaudible].